Pressure washing and Insect control


Pets and insects can easily infest your backyard trees. You think of spraying a pesticide or insecticide in such situations, but you don’t know how to do it. We all understand the power of a pressure washer. It uses very little time to remove all stains on surfaces, leaving them with a brand-new look. You can also use the power washer to spray pesticides and insecticides on trees infected by insects to remove bug nests. How will you do this?

How to spray trees

You don’t use the pressure washer machine when spraying insecticides on trees. It’s because this machine is very powerful and will destroy the trees. If insects are attacking your trees, you need to get an alternative tree sprayer. The sprayer works by producing pump pressure and spray via the nozzle. A tree sprayer is efficient in providing spray coverage on trees. They don’t cause any damage to the trunk or foliage. You can mount this sprayer on a truck if you don’t want to carry it around.

The following are the tree sprayer components.


The tank holds the chemical mixture. A good tank should have coated materials that don’t rust easily. It’s because they hold many chemical concentrations. You need to wash the tank to reduce chemical residue accumulation. It can lead to clogging of the opening.


Pumps exit chemical mixtures to produce a stable flow in the spray nozzles. It pushes the liquid from the tank to the nozzles. As a vital part of the tree sprayer, never operate it beyond the recommended pressure. You will limit damaging it.


They come from different materials like steel, brass, and aluminum. You need to use the right nozzle while operating the tree sprayer. The nozzle determines the uniformity, coverage, and amount of the spray you want to use.

A nozzle turns liquid concentration into droplets. It propels them in the needed direction. They also determine the pressure you need to discharge the concentration.

After using the sprayer, you need to provide adequate maintenance. The following are the basic maintenance tips you need to do to keep the machine fit for the job.

Clean the machine immediately after finishing the spraying job. Don’t clean the sprayer where it can cause contamination of the water suppliers or even the plants.

Use a soft brush in cleaning the nozzle tips. You need to use stainless or ceramic nozzles. They reduce the possibilities of wear and tear and are easy to clean.

Don’t expose the tank to the sun for long since direct sunlight will reduce its lifespan.

If you don’t know how to remove chemicals from the tank, the chemical label has the information to aid you in doing this.

If your trees are short or medium, you need to prune and spray the areas infested by pests or diseases. For tall trees, even a ladder will not help you get up to the top. You need to get a very powerful machine with powerful nozzles. You will be able to spray up to 20 feet above to reach all the tree parts.

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