Appica 2 Drive Mode Simplicity, Beauty, Luxury, Ability

Stunning UI

Beautiful user interface with day and night mode.


Use your favourite maps. Switch to your favourite apps.

Smart Design

Designed for everybody. Simplicity in the car.

iPhone and iPad versions

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What Can Drive Mode Do?

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Why Drive Mode?

Look what our app has to offer

Turn-by-Turn Directions

Drive Mode has built-in maps with voice guided Turn-by-Turn direction with a simplistic and beautiful user interface. Let Drive Mode guide you on your way.

Custom settings

16 Menu Buttons, 8 of which are customisable. Choose your map style and pick your statistic preferences. Eg. KMH or MPH, Celcius or Farenheit and more!

Elegant User Interface

We've built the app you WANT to use! It looks simply stunning, and feels great also! Everything has been made to give the best user experience.


Send messages to your selected contact using your voice! No need to take the phone out of the dock to type!

Premium Next Generation Design

Handcrafted UI

We've built Drive Mode to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible. The interface makes best use of each device screen with retina quality graphics.

Music Library

Easily access your music library through Drive Mode. Tap menu, select music and select from your albums and song list. Or select a radio station or add your own!

Contact Access

Drive Mode gives you full access to all your contacts. Send a message using your voice, or dial a new number! All with the beautiful large interface.

Use Anything

Change the customisable icons to shortcut to your favourite apps such as Spotify. Pick your preferred maps for navigation. Choose your own settings. Drive Mode is YOURS.


Welcome to the
Drive Mode Community

Little story of app development

We view each one of our users as a member of our community. We want to know what you and hate. Together, we'll continue to improve Drive Mode and make it the best app ever.

Our app is built with you in mind. We've added features we know our users want, such as customizable icons, dark mode, screen brightness adjustment and so much more. Using the "Suggest a Feature" button inside our app, you can send us your thoughts and likely see them in the next update!

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Full Featured Car Dashboard App

Drive Mode is the current #1 App Store solution for the vehicle. Its all-in-one features are found in no other app, and its built with simplicity and beauty in mind from the ground up. Download the app, turn on your car, and enjoy.

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